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I am ashamed. I am ashamed today to call myself an Idaho democrat. Here we have, one of the most honest representatives in congress. One that refuses to be bought. One who demands the bills that make it into law for the American people are appropriate for HIS constituents. And his own party attacks him. I am terribly ashamed. I was talking to a 72 year old gal the other day and she asked me to tell her one politician that wasn't crooked. I was so proud that one has emerged that I could tell her. I told her Walt Minnick. He votes his constituents. He votes his conscience. HIS VOTE CAN NOT BE BOUGHT. It does not belong to a corporation or a political party, it doesn't even belong to Walt. It belongs to the wonderful people of Idaho he represents. I am sorry if life's funny ways have somehow mis-directed you to Idaho. But please know this is not California or Maryland. I for one do a significant amount of canvassing (Please feel free to help out if you would like, I have my own personal office we canvass out of and all supplies will be provided 208-697-5888). And when you go to the doors of these people and see the response I get from voters on Walt Minnick, it is wonderful.It gives me the opportunity to introduce them to other democrats. It changes the stigma that we are going to take their guns and kill their babies. People listen to me now more than they ever have, because of Walt. Walt ran an honest campaign and told everyone how he would vote. The democrats assumed he was pandering. I am absolutely heart broken as it seems they hoped he was pandering. Well here is a dose of honesty, one that our state and our country needs. So look at yourselves, I hope you see that the democratic party is the 2000-2008 republican party now. Push and cheat legislation through just because we want it. Ignoring constituents thoughts and wants. Today I am ashamed to call myself an Idaho democrat. Tomorrow I will not be. Tomorrow the democrats will remember what makes us the greatest party. Tomorrow we will remember that we are the "big tent" party that accepts ideas from a diverse people. Tomorrow, though we may not agree with our neighbors, we will respect them. Tomorrow we will appreciate having someone in office that agrees with us more than 12% of the time for the first time in 16 years. Tomorrow we will see the wonderful opportunity Walt has opened up for us. An opportunity that didn't exist before because the people of Idaho didn't understand what a democrat was. Walt has shown them all what it takes to be a democrat, caring for the well being of the people around you. Walt has shown them that we aren't going to take your guns or kill your babies. Thank you Walt! Thank you for making it alright to be a democrat in Idaho. Thank you for the opportunities to speak with voters and have them listen that didn't exist before. Walt, thank you for being honest and respecting your constituents more than the corporations. Thank you for remembering you are from Idaho. Thank you for allowing me to have a congressman I am proud of. Thank you for giving the party I agree with most a majority. Shame on all of you that expect any different. All of your efforts will go into once again giving us 2-12% of the vote from our representative rather than the 66.02% we enjoy right now. You will destroy the opportunities that have been created for us at the door. Shame on you. I beg that you put down the granola bar and kool-aid and come with me door to door. When you have an opportunity to speak with the AMAZING people of Idaho everyday you will see that, though sometimes misguided, they are WONDERFUL people. And their feelings mean just as much as ours. And as of right now they out number us.But they will listen to what I have to say for the first time. Thank you Walt.


Um, Thaddius, I think we heard you the first time, but here, let me school you. I'm a fourth generation Idahoan--born and raised here. Grew up in rural Southeast Idaho. Served in the Marine Corps. I helped Walt get elected. Wrote for two years about the antics and voting record of Bill Sali. Wish you would have stopped by then. Wish you would have stopped by last summer. But if you're gonna just show up one day and start making accusations (and repeating them on multiple posts) I suggest you educate yourself about exactly whose house you're in before doing so.

Here's a good place to start: click on the archives button at the top of this page; then click on the Sali link and find everything I've ever written about him; then click the Walt Minnick link and find everything I've written about him--focus especially on the stuff about the CFPA and the amount of money he's taken from the financial services industry, don't miss the stuff about the the amount of money he's taken from the insurance industry and don't miss the part where this millionaire has been taking farm subsidies. When you're done with all that come back and tell me Walt can't be bought or try to accuse me of being "misdirected to Idaho" or try to imply that I don't care about this state or the Democratic Party here.


This is precisely why I should leave comments for you, MG, to respond to. My own anger at the "misdirected to Idaho" comment outweighed whatever rational argument I could pose today (and yes, there is an argument against these folks who don't seem to understand our commitment to Democratic politics in this state).

I'm a third generation Idahoan, an Idaho historian who has severely limited my future professional options because of my love for and dedication to preserving Idaho's history, and I sure as hell have worked hard for Democrats. I've spent the last four years of my life working hard for one and for the legacy of good Democrats. I've knocked on thousands of doors for Democratic candidates, made hundreds of phone calls on behalf of Democrats and have tried very hard to write on behalf of Democrats and Democratic policies throughout my nearly six-year tenure as the editor of The Political Game.

Clearly, I don't take well to accusations of disrespect, "self-centered"-ness and disdain toward the Democratic Party and this state.


I am having a hard time understanding the point of attacking Minnick. There is no progressive running against him. Are you working for a tea party replacement?


Does holding our representatives accountable only apply to Republicans?

Matt Greene

Holding him responsible huh? Have you seen how many people approve of the job Walt is doing? This isn't about politics or policy this a personal attack your launching against Walt. We can Democrats can have disagreement over issues but we don't sink to your level. Speaking as officer of the Canyon County Democrats please remove all links to our website from your blog.


Now this is really interesting. Matt has the same IP address as Real Democrat and "I'm a real Democrat too" has the same IP address as Thaddius. Wonder how that happened? I think there's a word for that... lol.

Yes, holding him accountable... and if you'd bother to read anything here or on any of the other Democratic blogs in Idaho before you go flinging accusations around you'd see that there are quite a few Democrats and progressives who are upset with Walt's term in office.

The link to Canyon County Dems was put here as a courtesy and it will gladly be removed... glad to see the "big tent" party living up to its name.


Astroturfing? Is that the word for it, MG? Interesting, the Canyon County Dems should have bigger fish to fry, but instead they waste their time demanding you stop linking to them. I don't get it. I really don't get it.

Matt Greene

Thank you for removing the link. The problem with blogs is that there is no accountablilty or fact checking. Anybody can cut and paste articles from the newspaper or internet being a blogger isn't anything special. We can have an arguement on politics or policy any day of the week but I will not tolerate half truths and misinformation.


You will not tolerate... that's hilarious. Don't let the enhancement products cloud your vision there, big guy.


Cut and paste articles from the newspaper or internet? Are you kidding me? Matt, you definitely have no idea about blogging or the amount of work that went into our fact checking. Half truths and misinformation--what a joke.

Matt Greene

You two sure are funny because I'm postive I have done more for the party than you two clowns could every dream of.


Try me.

Matt Greene

I've read through that article and read your sources and calling it half truths is giving it too much credit.


Obviously reading comprehension isn't your strong suit and hypocrisy is...

Matt Greene

Really politicalgame? What positions have you held in the party? How much money have you contributed to the party/candidates? How many doors have you knocked? How many phone calls have you made? How many mailings have you helped with? How many events have you helped with? How many new precinct committeeman have you recruited? How many candidates have you recruited? How many times have you been an observer on election night? Should I go on?

Matt Greene

Showing your true colors huh? Can't tolerate any opinion that disagrees with you?


What kind of guy calls himself Honest Injun? Do you realize that many people consider that as offensive as the n-word?


I'm not making you a list. I don't need to list my duties & accomplishments within the party to feel good about myself. It's unfortunate that you do.


But please, by all means, keep commenting... you're driving up my readership stats.

Matt Greene

That's excatly what I thought you two make me you disgusted you done nothing for the party and think you can tell elected officials how to vote and the party how to run itself. Shame on you.


Surely you can do better than that Matt, big tough guy like you.


MG and thepoliticalgame, keep up the good work, we need real democrats, not washed up hypocrites.


If we're going to talk about honesty, how about Matt Greene and Thaddius Wenderoth tell everyone what happened at the Canyon County Dem's HQ back in 2008 on election night.

Sure would be nice if they'd come clean about how they almost single-handily destroyed Walt Minnick's campaign with childish and illegal acts. Acts, mind you that could have been prosecuted by the law should a certain Republican Senator chosen to press charges.

Oh, and that is alongside the illegal activities that were taking place at HQ on election night that were investigated by the local police.

What say you Matt and Thaddius?

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  • "I'm a professional dairyman. I have milked and milked everything I can possibly milk." — State Police Maj. Ralph Powell, arguing that the state crime lab's bare-bones operation has reached its limit and now costs the state money as testing is sent to private labs.
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  • "I am not gay; I never have been gay." Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) in a statement responding to news of his arrest and subsequent guilty plea to disorderly conduct after an incident in an airport men's room.
  • “Most of the hospitals in this country have Christian names. If you think Hindu prayer is great, where are the Hindu hospitals in this country? Go down the list. Where are the atheist hospitals in this country? They’re not equal.” — Rep. Bill Sali (R-ID-01) to the Idaho Press-Tribune editorial board in response to criticism of his views regarding Hindu prayer in the Senate.
  • "We are all Nintendo warriors today. Remember that game, that electronic game, a few years ago, push buttons zim, zam, boom and it was all over with? That is not the way you fight war, although we as a society have grown to believe that." — Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) during debate on an amendment to a bill providing for defense authorization.
  • "While we are Democrats and Republicans, in our hearts we are all Idahoans." — Sen. Clint Stennett (D-Ketchum), reaching out to Republicans while outlining the Democratic agenda for the 2007 legislative session.
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  • “There was one of those six projects that was removed altogether. Why? Because the senator and the representatives from that district were from the wrong political party. We need to take a step back" — Sen. Dean Cameron (R-Rupert) to the Senate when debating the GARVEE bill.
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